Everywhere in
the world

International Delivery

Everywhere in
the world


We deliver in France, Europe and internationally.

The delivery company was chosen according to several criteria dear to RG Feu de bois.

You can also come and pick up your roasting pan on site at the factory (69).

Please note, everything is tailor-made, so there is no stock. An average delay of 2 months minimum is expected.

a tool
well mastered


Any purchase of one of our roasters includes essential training of 3 days to learn how to master its use and collect the trainer’s maintenance advice.

We come directly on site to train you and / or your teams.

This training is essential to benefit from the support of RG Feu de Bois.

long duration
of life


RG Feu de Bois products benefit from the legal guarantee for a period of one year, but the RG Feu de Bois service allows you much more.

The reliability of our equipment allows us to assure you a very long lifespan for our products.

However, if a breakdown should appear beyond the legal guarantee, we will do everything to bring you a solution as soon as possible.


Be the first person in your country
to cook your meats with RG Feu de Bois

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